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Coconut farm for Sale in Boothapandi


₹ 5000000.00


Invest in Nature's Bounty: Coconut Farms for Sale in Boothapandi Unleash the potential of agricultural prosperity with our exclusive offering of coconut farms for sale in Boothapandi. Spanning between 10 to 20 cents, these lush parcels of land provide an exceptional opportunity for investors and enthusiasts alike. Boasting abundant water resources and complimentary electricity facilities, this is your chance to own a slice of tranquility amidst nature's bounty. Key Features: 1. Prime Location in Boothapandi: Nestled in the heart of Boothapandi, these coconut farms enjoy a prime location that combines the serenity of rural life with easy accessibility to essential amenities. Experience the charm of coastal living while reaping the benefits of agricultural ventures. 2. Varied Plot Sizes: Choose from available plot sizes ranging from 10 to 20 cents, allowing you the flexibility to tailor your investment according to your vision and requirements. Whether you're looking for a smaller venture or a more expansive agricultural endeavor, these farms cater to diverse needs. 3. Abundant Water Resources: The coconut farms come with the assurance of good water availability, a crucial factor for successful coconut cultivation. Ensure the thriving growth of your coconut trees with the natural abundance of water on these fertile plots. 4. Free Electricity Facility: Benefit from the added advantage of free electricity, making your agricultural pursuits more cost-effective. This facility enhances the overall appeal of these coconut farms, presenting a valuable proposition for investors looking to maximize returns. Contact Information: For detailed inquiries and to explore these prime coconut farms, contact us at 96777 47779. Take the first step toward agricultural prosperity by visiting Connect with us on various platforms: • YouTube: Kanyakumari Property • Google Maps: Boothapandi Coconut Farms Location Seize the opportunity to invest in nature's bounty with these coconut farms for sale in Boothapandi. Whether you're an aspiring agriculturist or an investor looking for a lucrative venture, these plots offer the perfect blend of natural beauty and agricultural potential. Contact us at 96777 47779 or visit to embark on a journey towards reaping the rewards of agricultural prosperity. #CoconutFarms #BoothapandiProperty #AgriculturalInvestment #NatureInvestment #KanyakumariProperty #FarmingOpportunity #LandForSale #InvestInNature #CoconutCultivation #RealEstateOpportunity

Detail & Features

  • Area10 to 20 cents
  • Compound WallNot AVailable
  • No. of Treesearly 200
  • Water FacilityAvailable
  • Current FacilityAvailable
  • Other AmenitiesOther Trees There
  • Type of SoilRedloam