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60 Cent Coconut Farm for Sale


₹ 20000000.00


Embrace Nature's Bounty: 60 Cent Coconut Farm Land for Sale in Soorapallam, Near Government School - A Green Investment Awaits! Are you yearning for a slice of nature where tranquility meets productivity? Look no further! We present a rare opportunity to own a sprawling 60-cent coconut farm land for sale in the idyllic locale of Soorapallam, conveniently situated near the Government School. This fertile expanse of land not only promises a green investment but also invites you to immerse yourself in the serenity of coconut groves and agricultural abundance. Key Features: Abundant Land for Coconut Cultivation: Spanning an impressive 60 cents, this farm land is a canvas for coconut cultivation enthusiasts. The fertile soil and favorable climate create an ideal environment for growing and harvesting coconuts, making it a lucrative venture for those interested in agriculture. Strategic Location Near Government School: The land's proximity to the Government School adds an extra layer of convenience. Whether you envision a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature or a productive agricultural venture, the location offers easy access to educational facilities and essential amenities. Natural Beauty of Soorapallam: Soorapallam is renowned for its natural beauty, and this coconut farm land is no exception. Embrace the lush greenery, swaying coconut palms, and the soothing ambiance that defines this picturesque location. It's not just a piece of land; it's a retreat into nature's embrace. Investment Potential: Coconut farming is not only a sustainable and eco-friendly venture but also a sound investment. The demand for coconuts and coconut-based products continues to rise, presenting an opportunity for investors to reap the rewards of a thriving agricultural enterprise. Versatility of Usage: While coconut cultivation is the primary focus, the versatile nature of the land allows for additional agricultural activities or the creation of a private retreat. Whether you dream of a coconut farm, a weekend getaway, or a combination of both, this land caters to diverse aspirations. Contact Information: For detailed inquiries and to explore this green investment opportunity, contact us at 6380375996. Discover more about this coconut farm land on our website Seize the opportunity to invest in the verdant landscapes of Soorapallam! #CoconutFarmLand #GreenInvestment #AgriculturalOpportunity #Soorapallam #LandForSale #InvestInNature #GovernmentSchoolNearby #KanyakumariProperty #SustainableFarming #NatureRetreat

Detail & Features

  • Area60 Cent
  • Compound WallNot AVailable
  • No. of Trees500
  • Water FacilityAvailable
  • Current FacilityAvailable
  • Other Amenities
  • Type of SoilRed Loam