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57 Cent Land for Sale

Kesavanputhur to thadikarankonam Road

₹ 8000000.00


Discover Endless Possibilities with 57 Cent Agricultural Land for Sale on Kasavanputhur to Thadikarankonam Main Road! Are you yearning for a slice of fertile land to cultivate your agricultural dreams? Look no further! We present a golden opportunity with 57 expansive cents of land for sale, perfectly suited for agriculture and farming. Located along the Kasavanputhur to Thadikarankonam Main Road, this prime plot of land invites you to embark on a journey of agricultural prosperity. Key Features: Abundant Land: Spanning an impressive 57 cents, this piece of land provides a canvas for your agricultural aspirations. Whether you dream of cultivating crops, establishing an orchard, or creating a sustainable farm, the generous size of this plot ensures that your ambitions have room to flourish. Agricultural Potential: The fertile soil in this region makes it highly suitable for a variety of crops and agricultural activities. The land's potential for productive farming allows you to explore diverse avenues in agriculture, from staple crops to specialty produce. Strategic Location: Positioned along the Kasavanputhur to Thadikarankonam Main Road, this land enjoys excellent connectivity. This ensures easy transportation of produce, access to markets, and convenient travel for those involved in the day-to-day management of the agricultural venture. Investment Opportunity: Beyond its agricultural potential, this land represents a sound investment opportunity. As the demand for agricultural produce continues to rise, owning a substantial piece of land with fertile soil becomes not just a source of sustenance but a valuable asset. Natural Beauty: Embrace the scenic beauty surrounding the land, making your agricultural endeavors a visually pleasing and serene experience. The lush greenery and open skies contribute to a tranquil environment that is conducive to productive farming. Contact Information: For detailed inquiries and to arrange a visit, contact us at 6380375996. Explore more about this promising agricultural land on our website Seize the opportunity to turn your agricultural aspirations into reality! #AgriculturalLandForSale #FarmLife #LandInvestment #Kasavanputhur #ThadikarankonamMainRoad #FarmingOpportunity #LandForCultivation #GreenLiving #KanyakumariProperty #InvestInLand

Detail & Features

  • DCTP
  • RERA
  • Panchayat
  • Layout
  • Plan Approved
  • Refurbished
  • Area57 Cent
  • Compound WallNot AVailable
  • Owner
  • Builder
  • Agent
  • No. of Trees5
  • Other Amenities
  • Type of SoilRed Loam
  • Water FacilityAvailable


Kesavanputhur to thadikarankonam Road